Backlit Bud

Found along a Lyon County, Kansas roadside – I believe this is a wild blackeyed susan, with just a tiny bit of milkweed fluff mixed in with the natural hairs of the plant. The fine hairs help protect many wildflowers from insects and dehydration.




  1. Anita

    Thank you for letting us see wildflowers in a new way. I'll be more aware when I look at the lazy susans.

  2. Anita

    Oops! I said lazy instead of black-eyed susan.

  3. Dave Leiker

    That's kind of funny. I can change it if you want me to, but this one is a little lazy. It's almost night time and it still hasn't opened for the day. How lazy is that?

  4. Frida

    beautiful capture with great details in the back light.

  5. jaro

    wonderful capture with amazing details