Woods-lined Bank and Cabin

Afternoon light spills over fresh spring growth behind the Charles Rogler cabin, at Pioneer Bluffs, north of Matfield Green, Kansas. Further below, a clear-water stream winds over white limestone, under a flowering redbud tree.




  1. Anitaa

    I love this wooded scene. Do you know what the deep green plants in the lower right are? They seem happy to be there.

  2. Tom (olathe)

    The whole series is beautiful.
    We recently read 'Addie of the Flint Hills' but haven't gotten to Pioneer Bluffs yet. Now we want to make the trip even more.

  3. Sonda Bruce

    WOW— you almost made me Home Sick with this one—-of coarse Dad & I checked pastures all around this place for miles when I was a kid!!!