This massasauga rattlesnake was minding his own business along a country road west of Hamilton, Kansas. I wish I’d annoyed him enough to get him into a coiled, read-to-strike position, but he was just warming up on a long overdue sunny day. I sure wouldn’t want anybody hassling me at at time like that.





  1. tom p

    Like the shot, but not overly fond of the snake, even if it is an endangered species.

  2. Anita

    Love the snake pictures! And I'm impressed by the scientific name. You get the most interesting critters to pose for you.

  3. Tracy

    Would I be correct in assuming you were using some kind of mega zoom lens here? He is beautiful in a give me shivers sort of way. I think I migh have been tempted to just drive righ on by.

  4. Dave

    Cheryl was a little nervous when I got out of the truck to photograph the rattler, but he was pretty calm, and I don't think massasaugas are normally aggressive &ndah; at least one of my snake books describes them as docile. Nevertheless, I used a slight zoom lens, enough to stay out of striking distance.