Symphony in the Flint Hills 2009 – What can I say? It was incredibly moving, wonderfully organized, artful and full magic moments. It will take a few days to organize our photos from the event and to create a suitable web presentation. Although there are dimensions to such occaisions that photographs can’t begin to capture, I hope they’ll spark memories for those who were able to attend, and share a fragment of the day with those who could not. This is another elegant presentation by Ken (Whirlwind) Weidner of Copeland, Kansas.




  1. Angela Swedberg

    Wonderful job done by Ken Weidner and crew. He strives to present a authentic representation of what 1870's Cheyenne people were about, not a huge overly produced Dog and Pony show! Hat's off to Ken. He does a great job!

  2. Crystal Davis

    I echo the comment from Angela above. All the photos are great and really capture the spirit that must have been there. Awesome views of the Flint Hills and helps one think about how it might have been in the past.