Field Border

Dickinson County, Kansas — After a series of spring rains the fields along highway 4, stretching from Elmo, across Carlton, and into Gypsum, were lush and full of color. The interplay of colors in the fields, culverts, and borders break up the flat landscape. I walked along the borders of the wheat fields, already turing bronze. Along the curved boundaries, red-wing blackbirds flitter between wooden fence posts. Tall wild grasses and random wildflowers engulf the bondaries between fields, filling them with deep greens that help define the farmers’ sculpture of the earth.




  1. Ralph

    Now… that is what I remember Kansas is all about… !! Real prairie grasses and wheat under a moisture laden cloud cover..! Great photo Dave..! Thank you..!

  2. Diane Patricia Blevins

    May I use your pictures as inspiration for my paintings and acknowledge you as the photographer on the back of my paintings?-It's not like I'm being shown in galleries-thanks-Diane Blevins

  3. Dave

    Hello Diane,
    You are very welcome to use my photos as source material. I'm pleased that you find them an inspiration for your paintings, and thank you for checking.