Salvia Pollination

Salvias use a lever mechanism to help cross-pollination along. When a pollinator, like this bee, enters the flower a lever moves the stamens into contact with the back of the bee. When the bee moves to another salvia, this same movement brings the stigma of the new blossom into position on the bee, picking up pollen and completing the process.

Nikon D300 & Sigma 70mm f2.8 Macro

Salvia Pollination

Saliva pollination




  1. Anita

    That is amazing! A series of perfect shots. You and the bee had lots of patience.

  2. Dave

    I wish I'd used a bit more depth of field, but on the upside it helps keep focus on the subject (flower structures). Bees are hard working, fast moving beings, incredible creatures.

  3. Jane

    Beautiful close-up! Nice work.

  4. mridula

    awsome click buddy

  5. Apsara Khan

    Wow…. truly amazing….!!!!