Tending the Fields

Pawnee County, Kansas – Farmers are busy across the fields, preparing ground, planting, and spraying. Irrigation systems are already running, creating green polka dots for those flying overhead. The landscape is also spotted with oil pumps and storage tanks. I stop to photograph a wheat field surrounding wooden outbuildings, and spook a large deer hiding in the thickets. A few powerful leaps and he dissapears from sight. The cool clear sky is accented with clouds, everything seems so tiny on these far-stretching plains.




  1. Claude

    Very evocative of the Plains, of the immensity of the landscape. And a great sky to go with it!

  2. Danton

    That huge Kansas sky can make even modern farm equipment look tiny and insignificant, can't it?

  3. Jane

    Agreed, this shot evokes the scale of the wide open heartland. A friend of mine showed me your blog and I am really enjoying these natural-feeling images of the midwest.