Pawnee Rock Post Office

Barton County, Kansas – I have little personal history here, but in some ways it feels like home. I’m tied to the city through marriage and family visits, old photos, and great story tellers. For me, the post office is the heart of the city. For others it may be the elevators, their church, the old railroad depot which is now a community center. My wife’s father worked at the post office, and after retirement made daily walks from his home to visit and check the mail. City offices migrate place to place, many of the town businesses have fallen away, but the post office is a steady presence at the main intersection of town.




  1. Roger

    Interesting architecture.

  2. Claude

    This makes me think of an old color postcard.

  3. cheryl

    The building originally was a bank.

  4. Jane

    I love midwestern small towns, but then I grew up on a farm five miles from one. What great subjects to photograph, hope you do more.