Hair of God

Emporia, Kansas – From my driveway I watch clouds roll over the city again. The darkening sky is pierced with lightning. A neighbor family returns home as it begins to sprinkle. The mother watches with me for a moment. There was, she says, a great view of the sky as they drove on the Prairie Street overpass, where her daughter looked into the west and said “It’s the hair of God”.

It is a dramatic sky, more spring-like and welcome than was our weekend blizzard. I drive to an empty lot and watch as the forms intensify, and dark tendrils of rain spread against the rose-colored horizon.




  1. roger

    Beautiful, Dave.

  2. Claus Petersen

    This is truly amazing work, the way the ground seems to burn, that against the dark dark clouds makes a fantastic mood! Great work!

  3. Anita

    You capture so much energy!

  4. Roland

    There is great power and awesomeness in those clouds. Wonderful photo.

  5. Anna

    Gorgeous capture… love the colors and drama. I really like the title too. 🙂

  6. april

    OH DAVE! this is gorgeous!

  7. Dan Creighton

    Totally out of the box composition that works very well. Really conveys the pwoer of the storm clouds. Great job.

  8. Max

    Wonderful picture!