The Chapel

Inside Kenyon Hall – Viewed from the lower balcony, the chapel is still elegant and beautiful, even with a few blemishes. The organ is gone, though the reed pipes are still in place. Much of the seating was donated for use by the Granada Theater.

Kenyon Hall Stained Glass Window

Kenyon Hall





  1. gavin hart

    I just caught up with your Kenyon Hall series of photos. What an interesting collection and what bizarre decoration inside such a stately building. I can imagine the feelings as you explored this complex.

  2. Justin Karch

    I also have just now caught up on the Kenyon Hall photos – I never knew it even existed. As an organist, seeing this pic was heartbreaking, but I was very happy to read that there is a renovation planned of the building!

  3. herb hobson

    awesome photography very professional all of your pictures

  4. Casandra

    My best friend was married in this auditorium. It was absolutely beautiful. It is heartbreaking to see the place in such disrepair.