Kenyon Hall Stained Glass

Inside Kenyon Hall, Emporia, Kansas – Although Kenyon Hall has suffered greatly over the past several years, the massive stained glass windows of the chapel west wall are still gorgeous, and in good condition. Here, the afternoon sun through the glass bathes the ceiling in golden light.

Kenyon Hall is now locked up, and over the past few years has teetered between plans to demolish or renovate. I was given permission to photograph the interior over the weekend. I really wasn’t emotionally prepared for what I found as I moved through the rooms. I’m being very selective with photos here. The building suffered horrific vandalism in many areas, and the consequences of long term disuse are also serious. Nevertheless, it’s easy to see what a beautiful, grand structure this used to be.




  1. robert

    i was wondering how u got access to kenyon hall? me and my brother are from emporia and have often gone to the park near the hall and we always end up looking in the windows. i am real fasinated by wanting to see what the inside has to offer. i was told at one time that a cult.. the “way?” had taken over the building.. to make a long story short. do u know the people or person that owns the building and would they give us a tour or let us look inside? thanks for your time!

  2. Dave

    It may be difficult to get permission. I have some connections with the current owners and was fortunate to be given access. There's some vandalism and a lot of broken glass, so it's understandable that they try to keep it closed off.

  3. Patrick Evenson

    lol. Yeah, closed off to law abiding citizens. As far of the delinquents of society the building is their playground. The owners are keeping no one out, which is very obvious. It's amazing those windows are still there.