Winter Abstracts: Ice Patterns 1

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Kahola Reservoir Spillway, Chase County, Kansas – I spent some time on Sunday exploring ice formations in the river channel below Kahola reservoir. Great fun, juggling camera, camera case, and tripod while climbing over ice-encrusted boulders as I descended to stream level. But as a payoff, the diversity of patterns in the ice was amazing to see, and it was kinetic art. Bubbles floated slowly underneath crystal formations, and trapped frozen leaves.

The green color in the photo is thick algae below the ice.




  1. Ray A. Randolph

    Stimulating shot. First impression was of something SciFi. If you rotate the image clockwise about 120 degrees, you might see ET's head and one eye.

  2. Anna

    When I first saw this, I said, “Oh wow, this is good!” I do love ice patterns, and this is an excellent capture. Yeah, I know about the exploring around ice with camera gear. This capture is excellent with the bubbles, the green color, and sharp detail. Love it! 🙂