Chase County, Kansas — This is a composite photo. The brooding nature of the clouds needed something more to bring the concept into focus, so I brought in the swooping blackbird, photographed a few miles south earlier that evening. A color wash was also applied to deepen the mood.




  1. Anna Surface

    That is one absolutely beautiful photo! I love the prairie, the swooping blackbird, the clouds and the mood. A wonderful composite. Wow!

  2. danthro

    very nice capture. excellent composition, tones, color.

  3. sherri

    Beautiful. The colors are wonderful and the close capture of the bird, extraordinary.

  4. Rau A Randolph

    Catching the bird in flight is impressive but I'm drawn to the other one. too. The smoke adds a mystical touch.

  5. Eric M. Savoie

    Really good composition. Interesting stuff around here, I like what you do. Keep on posting!

  6. Anneli

    Fantastic picture! I love the colours and when I look at it I get the feeling of freedom in my heart!