Volland, Kansas

I didn’t know this remnant of a town even existed until today. But we took a wrong turn out of Alma and came across what’s left of Volland.




  1. Lee

    Wow. Awesome house.. I'm guessing there was nothing around to sustain the family living there? That would be quite the pad to live in.. If only you could teleport houses.

  2. Deb

    Never heard of Volland either. Now I'm going to have to go and see it for myself. . . Thanks for sharing the picture.

  3. Margaret Davies

    I grew up in the area and at one time this was a terminal for shipping cattle to market and had several stores – even a post office.

  4. A.Volland

    nice to see the old family building. volland was a typical railroad town – obsolete after newer trains.

  5. Flint Hills Special

    Volland was a thriving town from 1887 through the 1960s. The store was operated by Otto Kratzer until his death. This building is now undergoing a historic restoration.

  6. Deb

    It is so much fun to discover something that you never knew existed. . . Nice photo. Brings on all manner of imaginings. . .