Potter’s Barber Shop

Osage City

No, we aren’t having a surge of summer. If you look around you’ll see leafy green trees and some potted plants down the streets. I took this photo about 6 months ago and am just getting around to posting it. This shop is just south of the train depot on main street. Downtown Osage City scares the bejeezus out of me sometimes, because the railroad comes at a diagonal right through the center of town. The trains come through frequently and fast too.




  1. danthro

    very nice shot. great composition and perspective. nice color too. well done.

  2. AG

    Yup, the angle of that sunlight is quite nostalgic this time of year . . interesting narrative on the railroad.

  3. Jan

    Nice setup here. The 'street' left, the 'street' right and this corner house in white even, with a clear contrasting advertising