Wilson Elevator Complex

Wilson, Kansas – Photographed in July of 2006

This image might look familiar. It’s from the previous photo journal, Postcards from Kansas. I’m going to start importing the best of that collection into this gallery, then turn off Postcards. I’d like to have them merged into one collection, plus I added a map feature. I can’t add the older photos to the map unless I bring’em in.
They’ll all be added at the beginning of the collection, with original dates.




  1. Anita

    The map feature is fun, especially the hybrid view. And the photos are great!

  2. Dave

    I think it's fun too. And it'll be even better after I bring in the ealier photos and fill out the state map.

  3. Helianthus 43

    Looking forward to the new format, Dave.

  4. Kim

    Very nice shot Dave! I remember when we had grain elevators like this here, but sadly most of them have been torn down.

  5. Dave

    There is talk of tearing this complex down. Maybe they have already… The Allen elevator (somewhere else on this site) is being demolished soon. It's sad in many ways, one can imagine the liabilities of such places.