Harveyville Grange COOP

Harveyville, Kansas




  1. don

    Now Dave, I don't know what they think of “poaching” over in Wabaunsee County – ah, forget it, I was thinking of “cattle again”. You got a better perspective on this than I did (even though it overwhelms Main street from the North). I suppose I was in a hurry to “get out of town.”

  2. Dave

    Yup, I've been rustling photos in your neighborhood. I'll have my own main street coming up tomorrow, though I wish some people were in these. Actually, I ended up in Harveyville by accident. I took a wrong turn off of a country road near Eskridge, but was happy to visit Harveyville.

  3. Larry

    Dave. love your photos, glad you took the old coop pic, it has been taken down.

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