Old motel

Last evening I visited Toad Hollow Daylily Farm to see how they are faring as they prepare for this weekends’ open house. Nina and a helper were out in the pouring rain “deadheading” the plants so they’d look nice today. Weather hasn’t given them much of a break this year. On the way back, under cover of an umbrella, I photographed this elderly cabin, which is nearby along the edge of old highway 50.

Here is some historical info about this site courtesy of Roger Heineken:

“The cabin is the last of several that made a highway-side motor court (early motel). This stretch of Highway 50 was built in 1931 so I assume the motel dates to 1932 or 33, though it could pre-date the highway as the earlier roadbed passed in proximity to the cabins. The area was a recreation get-away for pre-AC Emporians with road houses, dance halls and, some say, bootleg action. There is legend that figures attached to the Pendergast political machine in KC would take the train to Emporia and party in this area.

This is all oral stories by old-timers and not researched.”



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  1. flinthillstom

    Dave, Thanks for taking this interesting picture. I have been to this site, courtesy of Roger. We walked to the old, old gravel road that goes close to this building. Thanks for sharing!